Things I Wish I Had Known at 15


The older we get, the more we learn - it stands to reason. However, when you are 15, you believed you knew everything and the world did function as you saw it then. Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to go back and tell your 15-year-old self what you know now! Here are just a few things I wish I had known at 15.

1 – It is OK to be different

A lot of teen angst comes from the desire to fit, even if this means following trends or doing things we aren't really that struck on. At 15 most people don’t have the confidence to stand up and say, no I am different. But being different is awesome and perfectly fine.

2 – Try new things

While life can seem big and scary, you need to get out there and try new things. Sometimes that means getting out of your comfort zone and going for it. New things are an excellent way to learn more and will help you be a more confident adult who is not scared to expand their horizons.

3 – Not knowing what you want to do is not the end of the world

Despite the protestations from teachers that you must settle and plan your whole career before all the doors close in your face, this is simply just not true. Lots of adults still don't know what they want to do with their lives, and many of the most interesting people are those who continuously evolve and develop as they go.

4 – Mistakes are okay

Never be afraid of making mistakes, it is how we learn. You will never stop making mistakes either, so you may as well get used to it now! Life is a constant stream of learning lessons, and that is the great thing about it. Learn to be graceful when you make a mistake, and you will go far.

5 – Enjoy your time

It all changes so quickly. Once you are an adult, you will have loads of responsibilities and worries that you just don’t have at 15. You might thing your problems are the end of the world but trust me, when you are an adult you will long to be free and childlike again.

6 – School matters, but it is not everything

We cannot all be good at everything so do not make yourself ill worrying about things that you cannot do. Some people have a talent for music; others are tone deaf. Some have a flair for art; some can barely draw a stick man. These individualities are what makes the world a colourful and bright place, so find your talents and enjoy them.

7 – Boys are ok, but not the most important thing

At 15 many people feel if they have not found the one, they have failed. This is so wrong. As we grow, we evolve and change anyway. Many people do not meet the right person for years, and many people have more than one serious relationship over the course of their lives. There is no hurry! Chill and enjoy your youth.

What things do you wish you could tell your 15-year-old self?


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