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Imaginify was a ... Sex Tech Advocate

Erin helps people understand challenges in sex and relationships. Working with others in the #sextech industry, she’s passionate about sexual wellness and the impact VR, AR and AI can have in this area. See www.erinychen.com for more details.




I love pistachio gelato


I couldn't touch my toes till I was 22. Yoga helped


I'm Taiwanese Canadian, I've lived in some cool places - Taipei, Vancouver, Ontario, Paris, Singapore, Zurich.


My personal mission is to create a world where sexual wellness is considered a vital part of everyday life and wellbeing. At the moment it’s usually either super “porny” or super clinical and there is a better way. I cofounded SPARKfest to connect people in the sex tech industry. It’s a fairly new sector and women are leading the way as pioneers! Everything from sexual health and education to connected devices for people with physical challenges - AI, AR and VR are changing lives in this area.

What made you decide to do this?

The sex tech industry is up and coming - in the next 3-5 years it will explode. I have always been super curious about women's sexuality and wellness.

How did you get into that?

Some people like clothes and cars and I like sex, not just doing it but the whole area around it. I was a management consultant for 10 years, got a masters in sexual health then quit my full time job to do this.

How long have you been doing it?

3 years

Do you have a mentor or anyone who supports you?

My dad is an entrepreneur and provides a lot of business advice. I have a Taiwanese background and my parents found my choice of career surprising at first - but they are both very supportive.


Miki Agrwal (Co-Founder / Chief Inventor of THINX)

She's controversial, but she's herself, she's in board meetings breast feeding!

What do you wish you'd known 10 years ago? What difference would knowing that have made?

10 years ago the career conversations I had at work were about the promotion points and ladders. This was not helpful. I wish 10 years ago people had practical conversations about life partners, careers, children - real conversations about how do you make all that work. Sheryl Sandberg talks about it in Lean In and we need to listen to what she’s saying there and take it to heart. 

What are the best things about being a woman in an industry dominated by men?

The future is female in sextech, the time right now is great to be a woman. We're up against a lot, but it's not easy being a guy either. Women bring a more human-centric approach that has been missing and that's the most exciting part. A few years ago I went to a sex toy conference and the guys focused on females, there are a lot more female led startups now and it's changing.

What advice do you have for girls or women considering a tech role?

Go for it, because the movement is starting and it needs more women. Find a mentor. There's a really good group called sex geekdom on Facebook - where there's a really respectful community. Start a hub!