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Imaginify was a ... Tech Startup Founder

Catherine Klein is founding partner at Invineo, a startup that combines tech with wine. She’s 30, speaks at least three languages fluently, and she’s lived and worked all over the world.




I’m an early bird.


I’m eternally unsatisfied which makes everybody around me crazy.


I’m a happy person with a humour that only makes myself laugh


I am a founding partner of a start-up that has the ambition to revolutionise the way we serve and consume wine, mainly responsible for business, product and marketing strategy of Invineo. Our “integrated wine by the glass solution” was developed to meet the needs of hotels, restaurants, bars, catering services... who are aiming to increase their wine revenue and enhance consumer experience. You can see for yourselves how it works and uses tech at www.invineo.com.

How did you get into that?

To be honest, things just happened naturally. During the last few years I have worked in diverse jobs. Besides others, I have been a performance manager in a digital travel agency, a sales and marketing manager in an energy business and a Head of Marketing and Communications in a UK-based charity. All of those jobs were wicked and all of those roles had an international, digital and strategic aspect to them, which I loved. But after the last role as senior manager in the UK, I wanted something totally different and new. Something that needed to be built from the ground. Invineo represented this opportunity.

Now, I have to face sleepless nights, moments of uncertainty and frustration as well as many strategic challenges! Plus, I get to work with 3 guys who definitely aren’t from planet earth, who else can claim the latter?


I guess I am supposed to give you the name of a famous person or a person who has fou

What advice do you have for girls or women considering a tech role?

Don't overthink, go for it!