How to be Creative When You Feel Sad


Feeling sad is human. Whether things are not going according to plan or whether you woke up feeling sad for no particular reason, the feeling can impact on your whole day and leave you in a negative place feel stuck. Being creative is an excellent way to release the sense of sadness, but many people believe that being sad is prohibitive to creativity. Here is a guide to getting your creative funk on when you are feeling blue.

Acknowledge the Sadness

It is perfectly acceptable to feel below par. It could be a one-off event or symptomatic of an underlying depression with life, and being creative can be therapeutic to both. Sometimes getting to the creativity stage enables you to see the answers to what might be a bigger issue.

Be Kind to Yourself

It is no big deal, so do not blame yourself. As mentioned above sadness happens, it is an absolutely valid emotion that stems from being human, so there is no reason to blame yourself at all. Creativity gives you a conduit to channel your feelings and release the emotions.

Escape the World

One of the things you need to guard against when you are overwhelmed by sadness is becoming a negative drain. If you are not careful, you will drag other people down with you so it is better to take some time out and self-heal - creativity is the perfect medium for this.

So once you are in a better frame of mind, attempting creativity can be the perfect release. Here are some great ways to get started.


There is an adage that claims you should dance like no-one it watching, and how true that is. Cranking up your favourite feel good music and have a dance, even if you are reluctant at first, can be a great release for creativity. Physical moment and the brain’s response to music will also release feel-good endorphins in the brain


Let it flow. It doesn't matter what form your witting takes, whether it is entirely off topic in the shape of fiction writing or releasing your emotions with a free flow passage or piece of poetry. Writing is the perfect outlet for clearing the brain and could lead you to some great ideas and inspiration. Penning a blog could also be a therapeutic read for someone else feeling down.


Whether you like to draw or paint, getting your art attack on can be an intensely cleaning process. If you can, let your mood dictate the images and try and use a range of colours to explain in pictures how you have released the sadness.


Many people turn to food when they are feeling below par. Our desire to nurture makes it a strong compulsion. Whether you use a time-tested recipe to make some tasty treats for friends and family, or whether you go rough and throw together ingredients to create a new culinary masterpiece you will find the sadness slipping away.

This is in no way an exhaustive list of creativity, but it gives you great places to start. Learning to turn sadness into creativity can offer you the best self-therapy journey there is. Embrace your emotions and work with them.


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