5 Traits of Emotionally Resilient People


Do you sometimes feel the challenges of life knock you harder than they seem to hurt your friends? Are you feeling drained or frustrated by life more than you are happy? Or maybe you have come across an emotionally resilient person and wondered how on earth they are managing to be so balanced and chilled in the face of adversity. Read on to discover five traits shared by emotionally resilient people.

They Are Not Defined By Circumstances

How often have you heard someone declare ‘My luck is awful’ or ‘Why do bad things keep happening to me?’. Well, emotionally resilient people know that life can just happen. It is not a personal attack, it is just a blip, and it will pass. We love to be creatures of control but there are things in this life that are not controllable so why get stressed and upset worrying about them. Rise above the situation and calmly look for a way to get back on track.

They Accept Life is Not Perfect

Acceptance is another big lesson we have to learn and goes hand in hand with the realisation that we cannot control everything. Despite our best efforts, life does not always turn out as we planned. This can either eat us up and become a massive weight on our shoulders, turning is into a negative ball of energy, or we can practice acceptance and move on. If you cannot change a situation then accepting it and working around it will give you a healthier outlook, and emotionally resilient people know this

They Practice Gratitude

Moaning is a modern day disease. Sometimes whole conversations between friends consist of a moan off about who had the worst day and why it was so awful. Gratitude is a huge part of being emotionally resilient. Instead of worrying about things that cannot be controlled and focus on what did not quite go according to plan, the ER crew focus on what they have to be grateful for. The fact you have got out of bed that morning and been given another day on earth is alway a good starting point, and after that - well, you decide. Keeping a journal of gratitudes is good mindfulness practice and something ER people do.

They Have a Solid Network

Some people are proper energy vampires. If you have friends, who do nothing but moan you are going to find yourself feeling very worn and negative very quickly. ER people have a network of individuals that are of the same mindset; their goal is to support each other positively. Yes, there are times we all need help, but you want to be looking to the practical and positive people for support and leaving the whinging downers behind. By all means, try and assist them at a later date, but they are not the circle to choose when you need support.

They Have a Self-Care Regime

To be emotionally resilient you need to practice self-care. It is all too easy to be swept along in everyone else’s dramas and forget to look after yourself. ER people understand that they must take the time to take care of themselves. Whether this is time to meditate or time to walk in the countryside. If you are always shelving your own needs for everyone else, you will lower your resilience and become vulnerable


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