5 Energy Vampires You Need to be Aware of


Energy vampires are everywhere, and if you are not aware of them and how to spot one, you could find yourself feeling utterly exhausted for no reason. Anyone has the capability to be an energy vampire, so we also have to guard against becoming one. No matter how well you get along with someone they could still be zapping your energy, as they feed of your empathy and sensitivity, traits which they lack themselves In many cases it is because you have natural desire to help and heal, and they are attracted to you as they see you as way to resolve their issues. Here are some of the vamps you need to be aware of.

Social Vampires

This is not found on many traditional lists, but it is becoming more and more of an issue. Facebook, in particular, can be a massive energy drain, playing host to numerous vampires in various guises. Whether they are your friends or strangers, you see in groups, if you are not aware you can find yourself the victim of a nasty vampire bite. Even the constant stream of bad news stories can take their toll on your psyche and leave you feeling battered and exhausted. Unfollow, Remove from Newsfeed and Block need to become your best friends.

Judging Vampires

Those people who struggle to find their self-worth can become bullies without even realising it. They are often found playing judge and jury to every decision made by their peers. It is a defence mechanism and a way for them to feel better - by proving that someone else is not doing so well. Limit your contact with these people and remember that only you can place a feeling of self-worth on your head. If you are happy with your decisions, do not let anyone else shake you.

Drama Queen Vampires

You will probably all know someone who cannot get enough of the drama. I call them the soapies - they live their lives as if it was a filmed episode of a high drama soap opera. There are no real issues here, but that doesn't stop them creating a bit of panic and drama. The phrase ‘Not my circus, not my monkey’s’ is paramount here. Do not allow yourself to be caught up in their crazies, smile and create distance.

The Great I AM Vampire

These folks just love themselves and love to talk about themselves. There is not an iota of recognition that other people might need sympathy or empathy - it is all about them and their world. They are seeking ego food, and you need to guard against depleting your resource to pander to them. Again try and spend less time around them, or let what they say bounce off and away.

Innocent Vampires

Not everyone is aware they are a vampire. There are some genuinely lovely souls out there that mean no harm they are just truly helpless and do not know how to help themselves. They are constantly looking for someone to pick them up and fix them. It reminds me of a childlike state where they need the nurture of a parent but cannot have it. Gentle and limited help is fine, but do not let your energy become the victim.


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