4 ways to stay positive when you're surrounded by negative people


Negative people can be challenging to deal with, partly because their constant complaining can cause your own mood to deteriorate. However, it's very hard to put any distance between you and them when you're in the same environment, whether it's school, college, or university – or perhaps even a housemate. It can feel as though the black cloud is following you around too. There are however a few things you can do to maintain your own happy mood and dodge the negativity.

1. Choose not to engage

You can't change their behaviour but you can control the way you respond to it. Keep interactions short and efficient, don't stick around to listen to anything that isn't essential. Try not to show any sympathy for the negativity. Put as much distance as you can between them and you because it could affect you and your emotions, as well as the way other perceive you. If you do find you rself engaging then choose to step away and don't over analyse. You'll find it's a wast e of time and energy making sense of it. You're much too busy making a success of yoursel f to become involved!

2. Choose your battles

If you engage in an argumentative way each time the person frustrates you, it will reflect badly on you. Avoid petty exchanges, control your emotions and walk away. Take the high road and seek out some positive people who make you feel upbeat and cheerful.

3. Surround yourself with supportive people

Build up a network of people that you can talk to when things get tough. Have the emotional intelligence to recognise when you need to seek out some objectivity and a different perspective. This can be friends or mentors. Positive people who can help you to find humour in a situation are great to have around you.

4. Look after yourself

Negativity can really affect your happiness and wellbeing. Work hard to maintain your positivity. The tone of your outlook affects your personal success. Setting your attitude is your choice, make it a positive one.

Whilst you can’t always change someone else’s outlook on life, you can choose to not let it negatively affect your own. Use the tips above and you’re sure to rebuff any negatively sent your way.


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