Millennials like you will make up over a third of the global workforce by 2020. You’ve grown up with technology: smart phones, social media, intelligent computer games and now virtual reality. Digital is second nature to you. But despite this, you’re far more likely to be a consumer of digital tech, not a creator. And consuming isn’t enough. Chances are that whatever you’re studying, whether at school or University, your future is in a tech or digital role. We think that’s something to be excited about.



There are now more than 1.64 million digital technology jobs in the UK and not just in the capital: 74 per cent of the UK’s digital technology businesses are based outside of London!

Tech businesses are growing: their annual income has increased by 15% in just 5 years to £170bn -and they’re growing more than twice as fast as the non-digital sector too.

A role in tech doesn’t mean coding. It doesn’t mean sitting in silence staring at the computer all day. Tech roles encompass everything from data analysis and visualisation to software project management, product marketing, game design, and social media. You could work in tech for a start-up - or for a non-profit, a retail brand or an agency. The variety and potential is enormous.



The future is digital, and the tech world needs more girls. Companies with more women perform better financially. We bring a different perspective - and with just 1 in 4 tech roles held by women that’s an amazing amount of talent waiting to be harnessed.

We know that it takes confidence to work in an industry still dominated by the guys. You have to be a bit braver. Sometimes that means pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and that can be tough. We’re here to help you explore the opportunities available, learn about yourself, and inspire you to think differently about your future.