of jobs require digital skills. In many industries the most in-demand occupations didn’t exist 10 years ago and the pace of change is only going to accelerate.

  • There has been a 5 year growth in demand for specialist creative technology roles of over 1000%
  • Data and BI skills have increased in demand by more than 1000% over 5 years, including more than a 65% increase in the last year alone
  • Demand for Agile / Scrum roles, which includes product and software development has increased by 58% in the last 5 years
  • IoT and Big Data demand has increased by 209% in the last year, with the semantic web by 123%
  • 93%

    of tech firms believe the skills
    gap has a direct negative
    impact on their business

  • There are now


    digital tech jobs in the
    UK, and the digital sector is
    creating jobs twice as fast
    as other sectors.



By 2020 the UK needs to fill 766,000 new digital jobs, and train almost 2.3m digitally skilled workers to meet that demand. Much of the gap will be closed by increasing the number of women in tech and digital roles - from less than 1 in 4 to the 50% it could be.

Employers don’t just need hard technology skills though We know that soft skills are equally important - team work, capacity to learn quickly, self awareness, resilience and initiative are all essential qualities in the fast-paced world of today - and tomorrow.

There are some brilliant organisations focusing on increasing awareness of tech careers for girls, and on improving employability more generally. We are different.



We believe that it’s vital to improve confidence and soft skills like teamwork, speaking and presenting, and critical thinking. These skills will equip girls to be brilliant candidates for the tech and digital roles of the future. It’s essential that these skills are taught and practiced alongside better commercial and digital industry awareness - the two go hand in hand.

Today’s girls are already digital natives. We need to shift their focus from being digital consumers to digital creators, build their confidence and self-awareness and inspire them to think differently about the future. Our programmes do just that.